Charity Minibus Insurance

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  • Minibus Insurance for drivers aged 21-70
  • Minibus Insurance policies for Any Driver
  • Fully Comprehensive & Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Breakdown Cover including Home Start & European Cover
  • Replacement Minibus for Non Fault Accidents
  • Public Liability Cover for Private & Public Hire Minibuses

Charity Minibus Insurance Explained

If you drive a minibus for a charity organisation then it’s essential that you are properly protected with the right insurance policy. When driving a charity minibus you must have a minimum level of cover in place to be able to drive the vehicle legally. The good news is that as a minibus driver you may be eligible for a special type of discounted charity minibus insurance. Not every insurance provider will offer this but a lot do, as long as you’re able to provide the correct documentation. If you have a Section 19 or Section 22 permit then you’re able to apply for charity minibus insurance

Why Charity Minibus Insurance is Important

The reason charity minibus is important is that gives you peace of mind that should you be involved in a collision, you’ll be protected. When driving a charity minibus you must have public liability insurance in place to protect yourself from any potential liability claims.

The lowest level of cover you can get legally is third party only although most charity minibus drivers do not consider this to be comprehensive enough as it only covers you in the case of a collision that you’re not liable for.

Types of Cover Available

The policy you get will depend on your particular needs but below are some of the most common types of cover you’ll find –

  • Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft Only
  • Public Liability
  • European Cover
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Minibus Replacement for Non-fault Accidents

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